Cinda Mefferd: Craftswoman

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Cinda Mefferd is a certified massage therapist CMT #32543, teacher, and formerly a potter, in the central California town of Ben Lomond near Santa Cruz.

Dedicated to artistic crafts from a young age, Cinda has a talent for conceptualizing and demonstrating the fine points of technique that are challenging to explain yet easy enough to do with practice.

Poetics of Touch: Refining Massage Therapy to Deepen Awareness and Skill is Cinda's manuscript-in-progress for a book. Click "Massage" to read excerpts, download Cinda's lovely Poetics of Touch Flower Page, and enjoy poems by massage recipients.

"Pottery" links to photos, home study, and the clay models that Cinda designed to illustrate each stage of a pot's development.

"More" has favorite recipes and two children's stories. "More" also acknowledges those that helped with this web site.

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