Bob's Children's Stories: Sky Blue Lake
Bob's Children's Stories: Mike Saves Spring

Recipe: Apricot Squares
Recipe: Cornbread
Recipe: Orange Cake
Recipe: Cinda's Punch
Recipe: Scones
Recipe: Spinach Soup

Thank you VERY much to:

  • Don MacKessy for photos of me at the potter's wheel.
  • Mark and Myshelle Morgan for the photos of finished pots and some clay models.
  • Don Harris and Rob Borella for touch-up on my flower photos.
  • For my Poetics of Touch (massage poster) flower page, Gary Yamane, Robert Fenwick, and Rob Borella for fine-tuning the layout with me.
  • Rob Borella for expert pre-press on the flower page prior to off-set printing at Community Printers where Dave and crew facilitated a wonderful print run.
  • Nancy Brokopp for being someone I could totally trust for web design advice including a demo of the HTML program DreamWeaver.
  • Everyone that helped and encouraged me on my web site with special mention for Bill Hornaday, Steven Barisof, Mickey Angello, and my family.
  • Cruzio, the local Internet Provider hosting this site.

My web site design and build: Hats off to Bruce Van Allen

A friend said, "Call your old friend Bruce, he'll know what to do." That was very true and I cannot say enough good things about Bruce's meticulous yet succinct system for teaching web design and function using the HTML program BB Edit, and his own sketches, templates, and enlightening teaching-stories. I was able to learn rapidly from Bruce. We designed together. He built and launched some of the site. I added dozens more pages on my own and deeply enjoy having this site and expanding it. Bruce steered me away from flashy graphics done by others in favor of in-depth content that is useful, appears rapidly, and reflects who I am.

Reach Bruce Van Allen at
For web sites Bruce offers lessons, design and building, upgrades and troubleshooting. Bruce is presently a computer programmer. Formerly he was mayor of Santa Cruz, a city council member, and coordinator of the Santa Cruz Art Center. He taught web design at Cabrillo College, and is fine woodworker.