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Massage strokes, composition, and rhythm are taught in a structured way that goes to the heart of what we perceive as talent, confidence, and goodness.

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Carole English, who took a three-session massage class for couples, shares the results in a heartfelt way.

Dear Cinda,
It was such a pleasure to see you at the market recently. It gave me a chance to tell you how taking your couples' class on the Artistry of Touch has given me both a skill and permission to touch. I had received many massages, yet before your guidance and instruction I hesitated in offering massage to others.

Since taking your classes, I have offered and exchanged massages with friends and other massage therapists both here and in Mexico. In addition, massaging my partner has brought Harvey and I to another level of comfortability with each other.

Thanks to my experience with you, Cinda, I now know the pleasure of giving the massage and reap the benefit of bringing physical ease and relaxation to another person. Thank you so much for your sensitivity and training. The quality of my touch has been enhanced because I took this class. Best wishes to you as you continue offering classes in the Artistry of Touch.

Sincerely, Carole English

Cinda writes:

Students at all levels of experience can mimic gestures associated with advanced work and practice those gestures until they feel natural.

One gesture I associate with advanced work is a subtle press at the end of some massage strokes. Similar to bending one's knees before jumping into the air, a "down then up" motion creates a rebound that make massage seem uplifting. This simple "down up" is not usually taught. It is easy to learn along with dozens of other nuances of gesture that refine massage to make it more effective and enjoyable.

My goal is to enrich people's lives through massage therapy.

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