Cinda Mefferd's Twenty-six Poetics of Touch Concepts

  1. Accent: the spice of massage
  2. Agreements: the structure of massage
  3. Awareness: the discernment
  4. Beginning, Middle, and Ending: the map
  5. Breath: the mediator
  6. Character in Your Hands: the elegance
  7. Chorus and Verse: the harmony
  8. Composition: the artistry
  9. Contrast: the range
  10. Depth and Pace: the congruency
  11. Emotions: the messenger
  12. First Impressions: the welcome
  13. Focal Point: the navigator
  14. Imagery: the narrator
  15. Lead and Follow: the integrity
  16. Mechanics: the form
  17. Power: the ability
  18. Predictable and Unpredictable: the balance
  19. Reverence and Healing: the faith
  20. Rhythms and Transitions: the flow
  21. Safety and Comfort: the caring
  22. Signature Moves and Gifts: the individuality
  23. Surrender and Control: the trust
  24. Texture: the fluency
  25. Variations and Rocking: the creativity
  26. Verbal Communication: the bridge

Copyright Cinda Mefferd