Wave Patterns

Cinda writes:

One evening, while driving home listening to the radio, a tide report for the Pacific Ocean was aired. The tide was reaching shore with intervals of sixteen seconds between swells. Another day, the tide report announced waves nine seconds apart. Eternal yet varied.

Massage strokes, paced like gentle waves of water or breath are relaxing and uplifting. In her poem Tercet for the Masseuse, massage recipient Judy Dykstra-Brown wrote:

Sand scrapes my back
as I skim home
from you last long rolling wave.

To apply the wave-like pacing, let your hands travel in one direction for six counts or seconds, then reverse direction for the same. Gradually add a few more seconds to each wave, or simply let your hands be like the tide: Out, pause, return, pause. Repeat.

Much of my work is subliminal on the one hand and measurable on the other. I constantly search for familiar analogies and imagery that massage practitioners and clients can identify with and value.

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