Beloved Mother of eternal grace
I call upon you
that I may sing your song.
O' soft and fragile voice,
child of mine
Never born into the flesh
upon this earth.
Your spirit plays her note
upon my heart.
You are the one who holds the rhythm,
the meter, and the poetry
of my soul.

As day melts into night,
I call upon the Mother
to bring forth that creative force
For all the childless mothers
who hold themselves at twilight hour.
Let us feel the immensity of Love
that a mother feels for her offspring.
Let our overripe bodies vibrate
with the labor of fullness
As we bring forth our Selves
into our wisdom years.
Let not a moment be wasted on regret
for what we have not accomplished.
May we instead refine our dreams
into a symphony bearing reverence
for all life.

Copyright 2000 Hope Rhode

Hope dedicates this poem to Marion Woodman as a tribute to Marion's life.