Did you hear it? That whisper of breath in her hands.
Touching, caressing, gently stroking my back, my neck.
Ah, I could feel the Divine's love through these hands.

But wait, did you hear it?
The faint whisper from the Divine,
gently entering into her hands and into my heart.

I can feel the presence of my mother. She is here with us.
I yearn for my mother. It has been so very long since she died.
Yes, I know you continue to love me unconditionally,
feel my pain and sorrow. These hands are loosening the pain.
Your every movement softens my sorrow. I miss you so.
Wait, mom, I'm not ready to let go of you.

Did you hear it?
Another puff of life from the Divine entering into her hands.
No, I will not be afraid.
Before me stands a spirit dressed in Kabuki make-up and costume.
It is not a performer but a visitor from the shadow world
beckoning my shadow to appear.
This warrior wants to use these hands, placed upon my body,
to encourage my dark side to always protect me
and guide me through troubled moments.

I feel the strength these hands possess,
kneading courage into my very soul.
I welcome you most beautiful warrior.
I will strive to be strong and brave.

Did you hear that?
Cinda's gentle voice letting me know all is well.
Her hands have completed their journey for today.

It is time to say good-bye to my beloved Spirits
and the gift the Divine has bestowed.

Copyright 1999 Roxanne Lee Davilla