I am a plot of earth

First I am shaken
as though by a small earthquake.

Then I am dug up with a teaspoon
by caring patient hands
to expose my dark brown under soil

I am augmented
with nurturing rotted manure
Lightened with oak leaf mold
Each clod broken up
by strong fingers
And mixed all mixed
with the other ingredients

The sun shines on me
and warms me

I am smoothed out
so my surface lies open
to receive plants

My area gladly welcomes holes
then the roses
planted in them

Now I am hovering above my plot
Above the mature bushes
pregnant with rosebuds

I watch them open suddenly
like red and white fireworks
        over there
  now there

Then the largest one of all opens
all at once
like a golden sunburst
right behind my eyes

Copyright 2000 Phyllis Mayfield