Light of Pale Roses, Scent of Spring's Warming
You move me as a Mother tending her newborn
Every limb, every hair, you touch with
Sweetness and Kindness ... Ancient Goddess of
Honey, Meli is conjured through care

Music of Wild Meadows, Rhythms of Summer,
You wrap sound around me, as a Caterpillar
spins her cocoon

My ears feel the comfort, caressed by the
Voices, and so comes our Melos Song --
Goddess, Healer of Wounds

With Autumn's bright Lessons filled with
Bounty and Beauty,
You harvest my thoughts and save seeds to be sown

My Heart rested and wiser, Meloir the Goddess of
Goodness teaches that All-One means being
Together Alone

Music of Wild Forests, Stillness of Winter,
You lift veils for Wisdom, Shrouds re-woven and
worn of
Light of Pale Roses, Scent of Spring's Warming,
You move me as a Mother, tending her newborn ...

Copyright 2000 Kate Stafford

Kate used Greek and Latin word roots: Meli is honey;
Melos is song from melody; Meloir is goodness.