Intention set. Preparations made.
I enter into the space
like an honored guest,
my needs anticipated.
I feel cared for.

Dropping into my body,
I relax as you bring the pleasure of touch.
Mind lets go as I more fully inhabit my internal space.

Repeating rythyms of touch and sound
lull me into a trance like euphoria,
acutely alert yet relaxed.

Our bodies converse, silently
hands pause in deep listening.
My flesh cries out for more,
arching imperceptibly
toward the source of contact.

Your hands like eyes wander
purposefully, artfully
over the landscapes of my form
tracing the furrows,
smoothing the jagged,
softening the dense.

The map of your intuition guides you
until my disparate parts
connect and I become whole.

Gentle, sensitive
movements of my arm and shoulder seem to inquire:
Where is freedom? Where is space?

Awakening awareness
of tension and tenderness
inexorably surrendering
in sighs of deep satisfaction
at the gentle persistence of your touch.

Rendered receptive. Senses sated.
With newfound clarity
I drink in the rich scent of rose,
the soothing sound of cello,
the warm softness of sheets,
this goodness of life.

Copyright 2001 Joyce Anue