Most Humorous Pottery Story

One day while in my pottery studio, my friend Bob asked if a tiny vase I had made was for sale. It was. Bob bought it and commented that this miniature porcelain vase an inch tall glazed red-orange with a white rim, would be the perfect gift for his supervisor Mary at work but he didn't immediately say why.

Mary took the day off on her fortieth birthday, giving Bob ample opportunity to prepare his gift. Bob walked over to the shelf where Mary had another vase I had made on display. That red-orange vase with a white rim was identical to the miniature, with one notable difference. It was five times larger. Bob swapped vases and waited.

When Mary returned the next day, Bob asked if her world seemed to be shrinking now that she was forty. When she replied, no, he walked over to her shelf, gestured towards the miniature and said, "But what about this vase? Wasn't it a lot bigger yesterday?"

While Mary stared incredulously, Bob casually set the larger vase side-by-side on the shelf and asked, "More like this one?"

Timed to be suspenseful yet kind, Bob said to Mary, "Do you remember when I asked if you knew the potter that made your vase?" Mary remembered, and Bob told her the story of finding the miniature in my studio. Mary bought the larger red-orange vase at a gallery.

Bob called me to say, "Remember that little vase I got for my supervisor at work? Her birthday was a few days ago, I gave it to her, and she really liked it."

Copyright 2003 Cinda Mefferd