Clay Résumé for Cinda Mefferd

St. Louis, Missouri

Summer classes with Patsy Degner for hand building and potter's wheel

Got Soldner Kick Wheel

Late Sixties
A little potting at high school, and continuous practice at home included production, teaching friends, and helping build a downdraft gas kiln for cone 9 reduction firing.

Year off from school to do pottery intensively and travel.

North Hatley, Quebec, Canada

Three-week summer workshop with Dean Mullavy at The Pottery. The workshop included throwing, glazing, and the firing of a three-chambered climbing kiln fueled with gas and wood.

Yellow Springs Ohio

Study with Karen Shirley and assistants at Antioch College featured all aspects of production potting, plus critiques and slide shows. I also helped fire a salt kiln, and my class built an earth mound (a small hill) outdoors.

Brookhaven, New York

Built updraft gas kiln, made pots, and taught friends while living intermittently on Long Island.


Carlton Ball led a one-month group tour to visit many potters throughout Japan including Hamada, a National Living Treasure in Mashiko. We also saw paper, lacquer ware, and brush paintings being created. We toured gardens, temples, museums, a school, and the home of a stone sculptor.

San Francisco, California

An intensive apprenticeship with Gerald Felix helped me go to the next level with potting, teaching, and cone 10 reduction firing. Gerry's studio had nine potter's wheels and numerous students. Gerry also did Raku firing and we sold pots as "Street Artists" in Ghiradelli Square by the San Francisco Bay.

Crystalline glaze class

Ben Lomond, California

With the help of friends, I set up pottery studio and built an updraft gas kiln designed by Al Johnson, a ceramics teacher at UC Santa Cruz.

I was a production potter and occasionally taught adults and children in my studio.

Nearly full time for five weeks, I taught Bonnie Sargent who became a potter.

Made first set of clay models to use as a teaching tool.

I taught adults and children the potter's wheel at Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center, participated in the Ceram-a-rama Festival, and received a Ceram-a-rama award for teaching.

2003 to present
I began making pots again after stopping for eighteen years.

Santa Cruz, California

Sold pots at "December Gallery" a holiday sales collective.

I was a founding member of the Santa Cruz Art Center. The center was a collective of sixty artists and craftspeople. Decisions were made by consensus in group meetings and committees. The first year I helped with construction (building the interior of the art center in a warehouse at 1001 Center Street).

I sold my pots in the Center Street Gallery later called The Gallery located in the Santa Cruz Art Center. I continued to be an active member until the center closed in 1985.

Berkeley and Stinson Beach, California

In the early 1990's Sharon Rowell, a master flute maker, taught me to make clay flutes also called ocarinas. Making triple-chambered ocarinas was a very challenging avocation.

Sunnyvale, California

2004 - 2005
Mother Earth Clay Art Center, taught potter's wheel.

Day or Weekend Workshops Attended

John Glick, Don Ritz, Virginia Cartright, Tom Coleman, Paul Lewing, Craig Martell, Geil Kilns (glaze and firing workshop with Tom Coleman), Mel Jacobsen, Mark Youmans.

Current Memberships

Member of Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild, Sunnyvale, CA