Potter's Wheel Classes with Cinda Mefferd

When good form guides each step, ineffective movements are minimized.

Who are pottery lessons for?

How long does it take to learn?

The Fast Track

Choice Points and Key Questions to Ask and Answer

To avoid feeling overwhelmed by how much there is to remember, I advise beginners to focus on three things per lesson until those three steps feel natural. The "Up" Position for Centering shows how I expand upon awareness and technique, detail by detail when students are ready. As potting becomes one's own, it can be useful to pharaphrase instructions for clarity and simplicity.

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This set of Cinda's clay models shows the progressive steps of centering.

Mike Tomlinson, a pottery student writes:

"As a surprise I gave my wife a lesson with Cinda in "how to throw pots". I wasn't quite sure what that meant but as a result of Cinda's teaching and communicating skills and techniques, the bigger surprise was that Cinda was able to teach both of us not only how to throw, but also how to decorate a number of different styles and shapes of pottery. She opened new doors in the arts for us. We now have a fledgling appreciation of the talents required and displayed when one views a piece by an artist such as Cinda, and we have gained more understanding of the artists' perspective of life and the world."