Gift of First Massage Poem from Kimberly Satterfield

Kimberly Satterfield came for a massage on her birthday. Birthday massages are special to give, and for this one, I had two new business names: Artistry of Touch and Poetics of Touch.

Upon hearing "Poetics of Touch" Kimberly said that she liked to write. We talked deeply about writing and massage. At the end, I wished Kimberly "Happy Birthday" and said good-bye.

Three days later, I eagerly opened a pastel colored envelope from Kimberly that contained a lovely thank you note and the poem "Remembering," a surprise gift written immediately after the massage.

I was astounded to receive "Remembering." I read it many times and shared it. With my curiosity piqued about massage imagery, I asked others to write massage poems. Kimberly received another massage and wrote The Healer's Hands.

My utmost thanks to Kimberly Satterfield for her talent and gift. And, a heartfelt "thank you" to Kimberly's sister, singer Michal Lauren who gave Kimberly the birthday massage.


Remembering that rivers and
streams course through the
temple of my body—
Pooling, at moments, into love
then moving on.

Experiencing the pathways;
the mountains and valleys
of my story—
The artful meandering, the
merging systems of life
that bow to greet each other.

A melody, floating endlessly
through muscle, bone, sinew
A haunting tribute to
God's universe that exists
as me.

Copyright 1999 Kimberly Satterfield