Poems by Massage Recipients

"Trade a poem of a two-hour massage" was Cinda's offer to the following people who graciously participated in The Poetics of Touch Poetry Project, an informal research project to study individuals' perceptions of massage and inner states of being catalyzed by massage.

Alphabetical by Author

Seven Haiku Poems: Karen Albertsen
The Oasis: Karen Albertsen
The Sculptress: Julia Alter
Telling Me Through Touch: Mickey Angello
Touch Awakened Senses: Joyce Anue
Terrestriations: Michael Bokman
They Say That Touch: Lauren Crux
Poetry In Motion-Artistry in Touch: Jenny D'Angelo
Divine's Breath: Roxanne Davilla
Massage Is: Joan Donato
My Massage is Like a Waterfall: Joan Donato
Tercet for the Masseuse: Judy Dykstra-Brown
The Massage: Judy Dykstra-Brown
Massaging This Turtle: Robin Lopez Lysne
During Massage: Phyllis Mayfield
Floating: Gerry Mefferd
Three Weeks in August: Lauren Mefferd
For Cinda: Ann Parker
Trust: Susan Reddington
The Landscape of My Body: Laurel Ricci
Birthing Her Song: Hope Rhode
Body Impressions: Shari Rose
Sculptress: Lorraine Sachiko
Remembering: Kimberly Satterfield
The Healer's Hands: Kimberly Satterfield
Soul House: Sequoia Seaborn
Eric's Poem: Eric Seifert
Meli, Melos, Meloir, Metamorphosis: Kate Stafford
Lingering Hope: Kathleen Miller Thomas
The Present Moment: Kahty Visgar
Wholeness: Kathy Visgar
Lasting Impressions: Mark Zalona
Longing as Wings for Wind: Todd Zimmerman

All rights reserved for the authors. They have given permission for their poems to be read here.